EZ Swap Hanging Basket Liners

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  • Birds Can’t Pick Them Apart
  • Better Moisture Retention
  • Usable For More Than One Season
  • Won’t Fray, Split, or Crack
  • Reduces Plant Stress
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Folds Flat For Storage
  • Made From 12oz. Heavy-Duty Breathable Fabric
  • Made In The U.S.A


*NEW* Modern & Stylish Wire Hanging Basket Inserts. Our hanging basket inserts are made of a premium; heavy-duty 12 oz. polypropylene fabric that won’t split, fray, or crack under the most extreme circumstances!

All hanging basket inserts retain water/moisture better; birds can’t pick them apart; reusable for multiple seasons; 100% recyclable; fold flat for storage, and are easy to clean! Best of all it increases plant vitality due to the air root pruning ability of the fabric which helps increase root mass!

Our hanging basket inserts come in 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″ sizes. We can even make them in custom sizes. Email inquires for more information.


*Birds Can’t Pick Them Apart

*Better Moisture Retention

*Usable For More Than One Season

*Won’t Fray, Split, or Crack

*Reduces Plant Stress

*100% Recyclable

*Folds Flat For Storage

*Made From 12oz. Heavy-Duty Breathable Fabric

*Made In The U.S.A

*Patent Pending

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Weight .170 kg
Dimensions 60.96 × 30.48 × 1.27 cm

Just One, 2-Pack, 3-Pack


12" Hanging Basket Liner, 14" Hanging Basket Liner, 16" Hanging Basket Liner, 20" Hanging Basket Liner


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