The Alternative To Coco Liner Replacements

Looking For A Coco Liner Alternative?

Don’t Leave Your Wire Baskets “HANGING” This Year! 

Line Them With The Best Coconut Liner Alternative 

& Make Coco Coir Liners A Thing Of The Past!!

Fabric Plant Liners Are The Perfect Solution To Flimsy Coconut Liners

A+ Moisture Retention

Fabric Liners Have Superior Water Retention Not Only While Watering But Between Waterings Too!

Bird Proof

We Guarantee The Birds Won't Be Able To Pick Apart Our Liners To Build Their Nests Leaving You With Less Worry!

Enjoy 3+ Seasons

Our Durable Fabric Plant Liners Can Last Year After Year In The Most Extreme Weather Conditions!

To Top It Off Each Liner Is Made By Hand In The Midwest By Two Brothers; Brandon & Ryan.


We Make Hanging Basket Liners In 12″, 14″, 16″, and 20″ Sizes!  We Even Came Up With A Denim Liner For Your Beloved Hanging Baskets!!

We Are Happy To Announce We Also Make Liners For Window & Deck Planters!  We Carry  Them For Trough, Box, Or Wall Style Planters!!


Common Sizes Are 24″, 30″, 36″and 48″.  We  Also Do Custom Work So Don’t Hesitate To Reach Out…

Don't Take Our Word For It!
See What Lisa From Texas Has To Say!

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Coco Coir Liner Replacements...

We often get questions pertaining to how to figure out what size liner is needed to fit a hanging basket or deck planter. We made a short video to help answer those questions!

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