The Best Coco Liner Alternative On The Market

We are happy to announce there is now a much better alternative to that flimsy coco liner!

Our Coco Liner Alternative Are Reusable, Retain Moisture Better & The Birds Can't Pick Them Apart!

Your SwapPortunity Is Here For A Stylish; Modern; Bird-Proof Liner!

We Make Each One (By Hand) Out Of A Single Piece Of 12 oz Heavy-Duty Geotextile. You Won’t Be Disappointed- We Guarantee It! 


The Best Fabric Liner –

You’ll Be Happy To Know These Liners Hold Water Longer Between Waterings, Also Saving You Time. With The Fabric Acting As A Sponge, Your Plants Will Have Lower Water Needs & Less Water Leakage While Watering! 

They Will Hold Up In The Toughest Of Environments For 3+ Seasons.  The Only Thing That Breaks Them Down Is UV Exposure. Best Of All, They Are Recyclable At The End Of Their Life!

I Wish This Meant That The Birds Won’t Nest IN Your Hanging Baskets…But At Least We Can Guarantee They Won’t Pick Them Apart To Build Their Nests!!  Unlike The Traditional Coco Liners; These Liners Are Needle Punched And Can’t Be Picked Apart.

All Liners Can Be Rinsed Out With A Garden Hose And Then Folded Flat to Store Between Growing Seasons! They Take Up Hardly Any Space At All, Another Reason Why They Are The Best Fabric Liner.

We Can Proudly Say That My Brother And I Handcraft Each Piece Right Here In The Midwest! Also Proud To Source All Our Materials Here In The States. Ez Swap Pots Firmly Believe In Morals And Quality And Will Never Sacrifice Them Over Profits!!

Don't Leave Your Wire Baskets HANGING This Year...Line Them With The Best On The Market!

What Other's Have Said About Our Alternative To Coco Liners...

The reusability of the EZ Swap Pots hanging basket liners are key with me. No more buying 1 season coco liners! The EZ Swap Pots liners are attractive, durable and breathable. I'm happy to have found this small business with made in the USA craftsmanship. I highly recommend their quality products.
Diane McMurray
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