Transplanting Plants Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Transplanting Plants Has Never Been This Easy!

Our Fabric Pots Truly Do "Minimize Transplant Shock"
& Make Transplanting Plants Super Easy!

What Sets Our Line Of Fabric Pots Above The Rest!

  • Minimize Transplant Shock
  • Check The Rootball Anytime
  • Never Destroy A Rootball Again
  • “EZ” Clean-Up After Transplanting
  • Saves On Physical Labor & Time
  • Premium Heavy Duty Fabric
  • 100% Reusable & Recyclable
  • Made In The U.S.A.

If there’s one thing all gardeners agree on, it’s that “Getting In Touch With Your Roots” matters!  We’re glad to make that as EZ as possible around here because we know your plants will LOVE you for it!


Let us take the mess and worry out of the equation the next time you have to transplant your beloved plants!

Other Benefits To Growing In Fabric Pots

  • Increased Fibrous Root Mass 
  • Eliminates Circling Roots
  • Better Oxygenation To The Root Zone
  • Minimize Over Watering Issues
  • Increased Pest & Disease Resistance

Let Our Master Gardener In Training Show You How EZ Transplanting Plants Can Be...

What Others Say About Our Line Of Transplantable Fabric Pots...

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