DIY Recycled Jean Hanging Basket Liner

If you've been looking for a unique and fun way to make use of those favorite but worn-out old blue jeans you just can't wear any more, you will be delighted to learn How-To turn those Denim Jeans into DIY Blue Jean Planters to make eye catching displays for your wire hanging baskets!
They are simple to make, look stunning, and you will Love Em'!

With the extra time we found on our hands this spring (not by choice) we managed to keep the creative juices flowing and came up with what we think is a great DIY Recycled Hanging Blue Jean Planter that will put joy into the hearts of hanging basket enthusiasts around the world!  We couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the gardening community than by bringing this tutorial to you absolutely FREE of cost! We hope you enjoy crafting and sharing this fun, beautiful project too!

Step-By-Step Guide To Making DIY Blue Jean Planters For Your Hanging baskets

Step 1: Choose Your Hanging Basket

The First Step is to go get that wire hanging basket you’ve got tucked away for spring, dust it off, and measure it.  We need to know the size of the hanging basket.  The standard sizes are 12″, 14″, and 16″ diameters.   Hanging baskets do come in other sizes (even different shapes) but for this project we are going to focus on these three circular sizes!  (If you figure out any additional tips or tricks while making yours, please share that with us in the comments!)  Watch this video we put together if you need help figuring out what size hanging basket you have…

Now that you know the size of your wire hanging basket, you can use the chart below to determine what size jeans you will need for your denim liner.  Unfortunately, you can’t use just any old pair of jeans. You’re going to need one with a waist size approximately the same diameter of your hanging basket.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an old pair laying around that matches the size you need.  Ask around or hit the local thrift store.  I often see them for less than $5 dollars a pair.  Jean shorts are typically the cheapest!

Step 2: Marking & Pinning Your Recycled Jeans

After you have your blue jeans picked out, turn them inside out and pin or clip the waist together.  We like to use metal binder clips for this task. This step is important to help achieve a more symmetrical liner from front to back because the backside is typically taller than the frontside.

Place the jeans butt-side down and smooth out the fabric. Remember, we clipped the waist together because there was extra fabric in the back. We need to pull some of that extra fabric down and forward to even out the sides now. This is easiest to do if you pull down near the crotch so that the mid-seam and butt-fabric roll to the front. Next, swing the hips slightly inward until the outer leg seam is nearly perpendicular to the waist. We’ve noticed that this step isn’t always necessary, depending on the brand, but your basket liner won’t have any junk in the trunk to necessitate the extra “hip” space that most pants have built in.

The fabric will usually bunch/fold up near the crotch when you do this.  Smooth out these folds enough so you can pin/sew them together. You can either pin them now to help hold things together as you work or after you mark your jeans. (We pinned after we marked.) Make sure to fold/pin the layers thin enough to go through your sewing machine. Jean seams are thick! 


Now you’re ready to mark the outer measurements and the center measurement. Check out the diagrams of each hanging basket size below to find your measurements. Mark your side measurements from the top of each hip down and then find the center of the waistline. Measure your center measurement straight down from here. If the zipper happens to be longer than your measurement, mark at the bottom of the zipper so you don’t have to cut and sew through it. 

To finish grab some chalk or a marker (the line won’t be visible when it’s done!) and draw a rounded line to connect your measurements.  If you’d like something to trace for this step, try finding a large bowl, dinner plate, or 5 gallon pail lid.  This will be the line you sew just inside of/on.  We freehanded this. Perfection isn’t important because we’ve accounted for some “wiggle room” with these measurements due to the various shapes of different wire baskets on the market. Place or adjust the pins in your jeans along the line if necessary, and cut off any excess leg material before sewing them up!

Last Step Before Sewing Them Up!

Step 3: Tying Up The Loose Ends

Finally, its time to sew up your edges! Remember to remove the pins as you work and to use a hem jumper tool to get over big seams.  If you don’t have a sewing machine don’t fret…you can use either a needle & thread, or needle & fishing line for this part as well! It might even be a smarter option if you’re not sure that your home sewing machine can handle the jean fabric.  Try to use polyester or polypropylene thread if you’ve got it. It will hold up much better than cotton thread will in the weather outside.  Lastly, trim up any remaining edges and turn the jeans right-side-in once again!

Step 4: Fitting & Planting Your DIY Blue Jean Planter Liner

We are so close, I bet you are giddy!  Grab your brand new blue jean liner and set it into your wire hanging basket.  Pinch any extra fabric toward the center of the pot and then press it flat against the side to make that perfect custom fit!  These extra layers allow enough play to fit nearly every basket on the market today and as an added bonus: the extra layers of denim help your hanging basket retain moisture longer- letting you go longer between waterings!

Lastly, but certainly not least, when it’s time to plant, grab your favorite potting soil and fill up your lovely new blue jean hanging basket.  I prefer to add some extra vermiculite to my mix for some extra water holding capacity.  Next, toss in your favorite array of plants and find the perfect place to hang your finished masterpiece!!  Then just don’t forget to water it 😉

How-To Make DIY Blue Jean Planters For Hanging Baskets Video

If You Would Like To See The Video Version Of This Tutorial, You Can Watch It Below!

Stay Inspired To Create

In brief we truly hope you feel inspired to create your very own DIY Blue Jean Planter!  If not for yourself, a beloved friend or family member is sure to be impressed so please share it!

If sewing or this DIY project isn’t your cup of tea you are in luck! You can visit our store at to browse our selection of denim & fabric liners.

To conclude we wish everyone from the EZ Swap Family a wonderful growing experience in 2021!  If you haven’t leaped into growing something we would like to encourage you to make it your year;)

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