How We Got Here



“Hello green thumbs, my name is Brandon.  I have been gardening and practicing permaculture for over a decade.  I even worked at an aquaponic farm in Northern Wisconsin up until the summer of 2016.  That’s when I was a passenger in a car accident that prevented me from being able to work and do what I love most: Gardening.  Simply put, the logistics of flipping a plant upside down to  transplant were too difficult for me physically.  


When I scoured for alternatives on the net there wasn’t much for options.  I found most people were using fabric pots and just cutting them, rendering them as a one time use.  My tree hugging genes couldn’t accept that answer.  


That’s when I began developing ideas and eventually made my first prototype EZ Swap fabric pot as a way for me to more easily transplant my plants and continue gardening.  After a year of trials and tinkering, I finally had a product that met my needs and so much more.  Then, my friends started asking me to make pots for them.  Based on their positive feedback and encouragement, I decided to create this business!”


Let’s build something together.

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