1/2 Gallon EZ Swap Pot

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Our 1/2 Gallon Transplantable Pot Measures 4.5 IN. x 4.5 IN. x 5.5 IN. Tall.

All of our fabric pots are constructed of heavier than standard geotextile and plastic snaps to endure the weight load of any medium going in them. Our ergonomically designed pot will save you a tremendous amount of physical labor, time, and provide faster harvest intervals as our pot minimizes transplant shock!! Best of all they are reusable over and over again, saving you money and the environment.

Our 1/2 Gallon size is perfect for: Seed starting or starting clones! You can expect to get 3-5 weeks of growth out of them.  We also designed them to fit 8 perfectly in a 10×20 plastic tray!

*Some Size Variation Due To Curvature and Sewing Of Seams

*Our 1/2 Gallon Holds .09 Cubic Feet Of Medium (You Can Fill (10) 1/2 Gallon EZ Swaps With 1 Cubic Foot Of Potting Soil)

*Made From 10 oz UV Stable Geotextile Material

*Superior Bonded Polyester Thread

*BPA Free Heavy Duty Snaps

*Reusable and Recyclable

*Machine Wash Safe But NOT DRYER SAFE (To extend the life its best to open them up and hand wash or rinse with a garden hose.)

*Average Lifespan 3-5 years (Excessive UV Exposure Minimizes Average Lifespan)

*Patent Pending

*Made In The U.S.A.

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Weight .082 kg
Dimensions 11.43 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm

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