Ez Swap Cone Shaped Liners

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  • Birds Can’t Pick Them Apart
  • Better Moisture Retention
  • Usable For More Than One Season
  • Won’t Fray, Split, or Crack
  • Reduces Plant Stress
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made From 12oz. Heavy-Duty Breathable Fabric
  • Made In The U.S.A


! Brand New To Our Line Up – Cone Shaped Liners !

*NEW Modern & Stylish Cone Shaped Wire Hanging Basket Fabric Liners!

Our hanging basket inserts are made of a premium; heavy-duty 12 oz. polypropylene fabric that won’t split, fray, or crack under the most extreme circumstances!

Looking for a great alternative to replace those flimsy Coconut Liners for your wire hanging baskets? We are a small family business who make these fabric liners from start to finish in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

~ Reusable for 3+ seasons

~ They Retain Moisture Better Than Coco Liners

~ Birds Can’t Pick Them Apart To Make Their Nests

~ Made in the United States (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

~ 100% Recyclable

~ Color is Black

All hanging basket inserts retain water/moisture better; birds can’t pick them apart; reusable for multiple seasons; 100% recyclable; and are easy to clean! Best of all it increases plant vitality due to the air root pruning ability of the fabric which helps increase root mass!

Product Dimensions:
10″ diameter x 10″ deep   (actually 9.5″ deep)
12″ diameter x 12″ deep   (actually 11.5″ deep)
12″ diameter x 17″ deep   (actually 16.5″ deep)
14″ diameter x 14″ deep   (actually 13.5″ deep)
14″ diameter x 18.5″ deep  (actually 18″ deep)
Don’t see the size you need?  Please reach out with your dimensions and we will send you a personal quote!

Happy Gardening!
Ez Swap Pots

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10" Diameter x 10" Deep, 12" Diameter x 12" Deep, 12" Diameter x 17" Deep, 14" Diameter x 18.5" Deep, 14" Diameter x 14" Deep


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